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2. Check the warranty. Most coffee machines will come with a warranty- 12 or 36 months is typical- and this will usually cover any repairs that need to be carried out within the warranty period, so you won’t have to shell out extra cash to get your machine fixed. 3. Universidad tecnol writing research paper gica del centro moscow university of industry. Compare coffee machine repairers online. This is a quick and easy way to find the most suitable company for you- just by looking at their website you should be able to tell whether they cover your area, what their service includes (for example, on-site repair or loan machines), and so on- although you will probably need to phone them and explain the problem (or they may need to see the problem for themselves) in order to get a quote. Whatever happens, DO make sure you get your machine fixed. Although the problem may seem small enough to ignore, chances are it will be affecting the quality of your coffee, and it could lead to much bigger problems that are even more expensive to repair. .

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